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Expert Witnesses on Standards for Out of Home Care for
Foster Children, Youth and Dependent Adults

Daniel M. Marble, LCSW and his associates:
John Steinfirst,
LCSW, Robert F. Kelleher, & Cheryle Roberts, LCSW
offer expert witness services to plaintiff and defense attorneys in matters of
child welfare, foster care, and mental health standards of care, juvenile probation, group homes, and residential psychiatric care for youth and dependent adults.


Experts on private and public out-of-home care standards for foster children: Foster Family Agencies, Residential, Psychiatric Institutional Care, State and County Foster Care, Mental Health Services, Juvenile Probation, and, group homes.


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Representative comments by attorneys:
  • William Diffenderfer, Attorney...Safeco
    • "Dan Marble's experience and obvious familiarity with applicable statutory and administrative requirements were invaluable to our litigation preparation and evaluation of our case. (an action against a licensed group home)" 
  • Katharine Spaniac...Cihigoyenetche, Grossberg and Clouse
    • "Recently we tried a case utilizing the consulting services of Daniel M. Marble to analyze various allegations of negligence made against an FFA.  I found Mr. Marble to be extremely knowledgeable in areas governed by complex statutory regulations and he was able to convey this information in an understandable manner to the juryI believe that the resulting defense verdict was in large part due to Mr. Marble's superior knowledge and understanding of a complex area of the law."
  • Ray A. Yinger, Attorney, Bakersfield, CA.
    • I engaged Dan Marble as an expert witness in a case where one FFA sued another FFA for all causes of action usually associated with Unfair Competition and Unfair Business Practices. Our client (defendant) established his own FFA after leaving the employment of the plaintiff FFA. All of the details of the procedures of defendant were in issue as the plaintiff was trying to show that there were unlawful activities occurring in the operation of the defendant FFA in addition to the alleged unfair business practices of luring foster parents and employees and misappropriation of trade secrets and proprietary materials.

      Mr. Marble was able to shed a new light on all of these internal operations and give us a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and evidence on both sides.  This was invaluable in our settlement negotiations. Lastly, Mr. Marble was careful to let us know of any potential detrimental testimony he might be obligated to give on cross examination.
  • Robert Aaron, Aaron and Wilson, LLP
    • Daniel M. Marble, LCSW served as a plaintiff’s expert witness for our firm in a matter involving an injury to a ward in a county juvenile hall. Mr. Marble’s experience and knowledge of the pertinent regulations governing juvenile facilities allowed us to better prepare our client’s case. In addition, Mr. Marble’s professionalism and ability to prepare and present his findings in a structured, well organized and reasoned fashion at deposition was a strong factor in bringing about a settlement favoring our client from the defendant.

      It should also be noted that throughout the action, Mr. Marble showed unusual concern for the expenses associated with his services and worked to control costs.

      Our firm would not hesitate to engage Mr. Marble’s services again, if the need should arise.
  • Randall E. Strauss, Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer, Oakland, California
    • "Mr. Marble is a very knowledgeable consultant on the standard of care for residential programs for youth.

      He was able to point to areas for discovery that were helpful in our preparation of this complex case.

      His efforts and expertise helped us obtain a favorable result for our clients.

Additional References available upon request.

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